Don’t Forget to Humanize Your Brand

As we become more sophisticated digital marketers, it is easy to get enamored with all the cool things we can do to push our content to new eyeballs. Even saying it that way sounds crass. Here are some examples of cool things we can do, none of which are wrong to do per se: Put… Continue reading Don’t Forget to Humanize Your Brand

Now, more than ever…

Now – in the age of global, mobile, social, 24/7 – more than ever… …it’s about who you know – especially for your career. …it’s about building relationships and making emotional connections. …it’s about meaningful conversation. …it’s about working together toward a common goal. …it’s about doing what’s right. …it’s about leading. …it’s about making… Continue reading Now, more than ever…


Recently, I thought through how I truly prioritize work. Beyond the mental “is this hot?” exercise, what really makes something rise to the top of the list and get done? Admittedly, I thought about it more than I would on a day-to-day basis, and that is partly why the GTD framework recommends a weekly review –… Continue reading Prioritizing

Lean vs. growth

The lean manufacturing model, when applied to knowledge work, is a race to the bottom where humans are reduced to robots and creative output to widgets. The work is process-mapped to death, and management demands “faster, better, cheaper.” The concern is not for the experience of the end customer or the growth of the company,… Continue reading Lean vs. growth


Humans are designed to work. Humans are designed to rest. There is an optimum cycle, and being constantly ‘on’ and working is not healthy. It is also not very productive. A recent article in Inc. Magazine called working more than 40 hours per week ‘useless.’ I know very few people who truly believe that. We… Continue reading Rest