Don’t Forget to Humanize Your Brand

As we become more sophisticated digital marketers, it is easy to get enamored with all the cool things we can do to push our content to new eyeballs. Even saying it that way sounds crass. Here are some examples of cool things we can do, none of which are wrong to do per se: Put… Continue reading Don’t Forget to Humanize Your Brand

Likes are Cheap…in Growth Markets

I ran a social media experiment last week with a Facebook post targeted to business leaders in high-growth markets, such as India, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. I budgeted just $20 for this campaign and the results are fascinating. I targeted a list of countries, a slightly older audience than normal (30-65+), and some interests that… Continue reading Likes are Cheap…in Growth Markets

Saved Replies in Facebook Messages

Don't worry about Chaar's privacy, pretty sure he isn't a real person. ;)

This is a pretty interesting feature that Facebook is testing for customer service, though I am not sure about the negative impact it may have on humanizing your brand: saved replies in messages, enabling brands to quickly respond to common requests with personalized, yet canned messages. Would you use this? Spotted in Facebook Messages and Tech Crunch.

Mention: brand monitoring tool

I’ve written before about monitoring the web for interesting Twitter content, and most of that post applies to monitoring for any information online, including brand mentions. I just came across a new tool called Mention, a web and social media monitoring tool that looks pretty similar to Google Alerts, but with a little bit of extra technology layered in… Continue reading Mention: brand monitoring tool