Should I Use QR Codes for My Marketing Campaign?

No. I hate QR codes and rail against them whenever they come up, because no one scans QR codes. And yet we want to augment physical experiences with digital information. Apparently my flat “no” isn’t nuanced enough for some, so here are a few thoughts I’ve developed over years of begging people not to create them: If… Continue reading Should I Use QR Codes for My Marketing Campaign?

WordCamp Grand Rapids

2012. The year in which our little WordPress group brought WordCamp to Grand Rapids. And it rocked. Due in large part to the energies of Brian Richards, a few co-coordinators, and a bunch of volunteers – WordCamp Grand Rapids was born. It a pretty big inaugural event. Day 1 went really well, as speakers gave talks in… Continue reading WordCamp Grand Rapids

Announcing WordCamp Grand Rapids 2012!

For those in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area (yep, I’m looking at you Holland, Traverse City, Detroit, Chicago, Indy, Dayton, etc), the WordPress Grand Rapids crew is proud to announce that we are bringing WordCamp to Grand Rapids on August 18-19. This will be a packed weekend of learning, networking, and idea sharing as speakers… Continue reading Announcing WordCamp Grand Rapids 2012!