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Mention monitoring screen

I’ve written before about monitoring the web for interesting Twitter content, and most of that post applies to monitoring for any information online, including brand mentions. I just came across a new tool called Mention, a web and social media monitoring tool that looks pretty similar to Google Alerts, but with a little bit of extra technology layered in for noise filtering and team task assignments. It comes out of the box with mobile, Mac, and Chrome apps and a decent free tier before getting into any monthly costs.

Signing up and downloading the app was simple and straightforward. Creating alerts is a little more intuitive than on Google, though you are doing the same things. Here is a sample one I set up for work:

Create your alert


You can choose which web sources you want your alerts to come from, and filter out junk you don’t want to see.

Manage and filter your sources


Here is what my mention feed looks like after just a few minutes of searching/populating. Pretty cool! The interface is a little sluggish as I try to read through a long list of items in the Mac app, and the inability to do an “AND” search for multiple required keywords is limiting. A “mark all as read” would be extremely handy as well. I will give this tool a try over the coming week or two to see how it compares to other brand monitoring tools like Google AlertsSproutSocial, and

Mention monitoring screen


If you are interested, sign up at and let me know what you think!


** Update! I found the “mark all as read” option under what appears to be a share icon. I guess they ran out of places to put things in the UI?
Mark all as read or share alert


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