Discovering GTD

Inbox Zero

This post comes WAY back from the archives of a blog I tried to start in 2007, but it is still relevant to my day-to-day task and inbox management even today!

This is the video that kicked off my GTD implementation, as I was looking for a way to deal with my email overload. It is Merlin Mann presenting his Inbox Zero concept at a Google Tech Talk. Check it out when you have a free hour, or better yet, make a free hour to watch it. The return in productivity you get will be well worth the time spent.

The past few weeks I have been listing to the audiobook version of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and reading / watching Merlin Mann, of 43 Folders & Inbox Zero.

My productivity has gone up. My stress has gone down. My desk and files is organized, and my computer is getting there. My e-mail inboxes and my paper inbasket are empty, and my head is clear (not empty).

As I watched/listened, I kept thinking “I can’t believe no one taught me this in college.”