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Platform Book Cover

Platform Book CoverI recently finished the audio version of Michael Hyatt’s new book, Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and I loved it! I’ve spent some time building up a social media platform, but he made a really good point about building a “home base” (a website/blog) where I own the message and the branding. I’ve had in my Google Apps/GoDaddy shopping cart so many times over the past 5+ years, yet chickened out each time. This book inspired me to buy it, and to commit to building a blog and writing on it.

Another point Michael made was to build the platform before you need it, and that was driven home in an informal interview where I was asked to provide some examples of my writing. I didn’t have anything longer than a tweet! Talk about embarrassing…

I hope to share things I learn in the business world, in social media, in building web sites, in my Christian walk, and in leading my family. I hope some of this helps you in your journey as well!

Now on to figure out what the “wow” product is that Michael says to start with…other than my own ego. 🙂

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