Don’t Forget to Humanize Your Brand

As we become more sophisticated digital marketers, it is easy to get enamored with all the cool things we can do to push our content to new eyeballs. Even saying it that way sounds crass. Here are some examples of cool things we can do, none of which are wrong to do per se: Put… Continue reading Don’t Forget to Humanize Your Brand

Likes are Cheap…in Growth Markets

I ran a social media experiment last week with a Facebook post targeted to business leaders in high-growth markets, such as India, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. I budgeted just $20 for this campaign and the results are fascinating. I targeted a list of countries, a slightly older audience than normal (30-65+), and some interests that… Continue reading Likes are Cheap…in Growth Markets

Sprout Social, First Impressions

I am experimenting with SproutSocial this week, and my overall reaction has been “wow, this is powerful.” It has great analytics capabilities, extensive monitoring tools, and the ability to schedule or queue posts. That last one, the Sprout Queue is pretty cool…it is built on the concepts started by BufferApp, and is a direct competitor to… Continue reading Sprout Social, First Impressions